Project Logistics Alliance Launches Digitally Verifiable Certificates

  14. January 2021
Project Logistics Alliance Launches Digitally Verifiable Certificates

In the first week of the new year 2021, we have launched a new feature for our members and partners of the Project Logistics AllianceWhile we enjoyed the “old-fashioned” process of creating wax-sealed membership and partnership certificates that were mailed to the receiving companies all over the world, we have made a conscious decision to reduce paper and sustainably conduct business. Instead, we are proud to introduce our new, digitally verifiable certificates. Along with the troubles and delays in sending documents to other countries during the global pandemic, we believe this digital certification is more effective, contemporary, and environmentally friendlier 

Each digital certificate is issued with a unique QR code and a corresponding web link that verifies or falsifies our association with the respective company. With this, our certificates became more secure and meaningful, and cannot be easily reproduced.  Paper certification fraud is incredibly easy these days.  

The digital certificate can be implemented on websites or be shared as a document on social media profiles. Additionally, they might as well be printed and displayed in an office or meeting room so that any guest or visitor has the chance to scan the code and test the functionalityOne might even request to receive the link for the digital verification to be assured that this company is part of the Project Logistics Alliance. 

We have already started the distribution processstay tuned for more new features!

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