R&B Global Projects Ensures Safe And Secure Delivery Of Caravans To Lebanon

  12. January 2021
R&B Global Projects Ensures Safe And Secure Delivery Of Caravans To Lebanon

Our founding member, R&B Global Projects, representing Albania, Bosnia, Croatia, Montenegro, Serbia, and Slovenia is delighted to share with us a shipment they completed. Two Caravans were moved from Berlin, Germany to Beirut in Lebanon. To transport these Caravans, they were loaded on 2 x 40’ flat rack containers. R&B Global Projects bought the flat racks which would enable the consignee to use them for other shipments. 

The cargo was picked up by a ramp-trailer for moving them to Hamburg since lifting was not an option. In order to protect the Caravans in the best way and avoid damage during the trip, the R&B Global projects team: 

  • Lashed the rear of the axle and the front of the drawbar. 
  • Built wooden frames around the wheels to protect them. 
  • Nailed wooden trestles on both sides of the axle to prevent them from springing up. 

To safeguard the inside equipment of the Caravans in the best way, also the R&B Global Projects team arranged for all loose furniture and accessories to be protected with plastic and fastened in a cautious way.

Keeping in mind the safety during the movement, the Caravans were covered with cargo-transport insurance by R&B Global Projects services as well. In the end, the cargo was delivered without any damages and incident to Beirut. Thank you for sharing this transport with our readers. We hope 2021 continues just as successful for you!

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