Careful Planning By C.H. Robinson Ensured Success Delivery For Mexico LNG Project

  04. January 2021
Careful Planning By C.H. Robinson Ensured Success Delivery For Mexico LNG Project

C.H. Robinson recently undertook a door to door project for a long-time valued customer. A total of 800 cubic meters of crated liquid natural gas (LNG) equipment needed to move from a supplier in Poland to site in Mexico. The largest piece on this heavy-lift move was a refrigeration unit, which measured 7.35 x 2.65 x 5.31 meters and weighed 20.3 metric tons.

The LNG equipment was first trucked to a nearby barge terminal where C.H. Robinson’s global logistics experts had cranes waiting to load the heavy-lift equipment onto a barge. From there, the equipment traveled via river to a port on the coast of the Baltic Sea. Once at the port, the cargo was offloaded from the barge and reloaded onto a coaster vessel for the sea transport to Antwerp where the pieces were transferred onto an ocean vessel bound for Mexico.

The cargo arrived at the port in Mexico approximately 35 days later and was trucked to a storage yard as the site was not yet ready to receive the cargo. The team had arranged the storage area ahead of time, locating an area with ample space and security.

C.H. Robinson, member of the Project Logistics Alliance representing Canada, the USA, Singapore, Paraguay and Luxembourg, utilized their global suite of services to coordinate the multiple elements required for this job – including surface transportation, securing correct permits, arranging barges, coaster vessels, cranes and the storage space. Careful planning was essential in order to avoid delays.

Well done, congratulations on the successful execution of this job!

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