IPL Complete Logistics For Yet Another Bangladeshi Powerplant

  26. November 2020
IPL Complete Logistics For Yet Another Bangladeshi Powerplant

The Mirsarai project which started back in 2018 will be the main powerplant for the city of Chittagong and the Mirasai Industrial zone. This powerplant is being constructed 70 km north of Chittagong. In October 2018, our member, IPL Supply Chain Co. Ltd., representing Myanmar and Tanzania was contracted to render logistical support.

Since land transport was difficult, IPL decided to transport heavy equipment by barge. While the smaller and lighter pieces were transported via road. To save costs on some super-wide containers the IPL team decided to unload the cargo at port and transport it by land. Furthermore, due to a lack of proper storage infrastructure at the project site, some of the pieces of equipment were stored in a pile of axis and beams for almost a month until the completion of the necessary construction. The crew at IPL to ensure the safety of these machines also visited the construction site regularly. After the construction of the infrastructure was completed, IPL ensured to effectively complete the installation of this equipment.

The cargo consisted of:
  • 9 sets of 260 ton MAN Engines
  • 9 sets of 150 ton MAN Engines
  • 50-100 tons of Other Equipment
Scope of Work Undertaken:
  • Port to door logistics
  • Customs clearance
  • Land/barge transportation
  • Wharf construction
  • Onsite reverse transportation
  • Installation & Emplacement

Thumbs up for more of these success stories, IPL Supply Chain!

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