When Skills Matter: SAL Heavy Lift Loads And Discharges Ship Unloaders In Taiwan

  16. November 2020
When Skills Matter: SAL Heavy Lift Loads And Discharges Ship Unloaders In Taiwan

The exclusive Heavy/ Project Carrier partner of the Projects Logistics Alliance, SAL Heavy Lift, was entrusted with the removal of two fully assembled heavily used ship unloaders in Taichung, Taiwan. These unloaders were used to unload huge coal bulkers. The unloaders were over 70 meters high and weighed well over 1100 tons. Removing these required intense planning by the crew of MV Svenja and the team in the office.

None of SAL’s competitors were willing to work on this project due to the risks involved in lifting these unloaders without proper COG, drawings, or confirmed unit weight. This also challenged SAL’s crew. To overcome this issue, SAL arranged for onsite inspections via the booking channel to determine the COG, structural strength. After this, the weight for each unloader was computed. During the calculations the computed tolerance based on the COG positions were huge, so a step by step position was prepared upfront to ensure a safe and leveled lift. Another added challenge was the travel restrictions imposed because of COVID-19. The crew at SAL had no supercargo on-site and operated with the help of office support staff only. In the end, the unloaders were successfully discharged and shipped to the discharge pier with extreme caution, where they would be demolished.

This is another example of SAL’s seafarers' immense experience in heavy lift shipping. SAL would further like to extend their gratitude not only to their ship’s crew but also to the team from Global Renewables Shipbrokers GmbH and all the other parties involved. Congratulations team SAL, we wish you many more such successful operations!

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