KGE Baltic Completes Casa1000 Project: Delivers Equipment From Turkey To Tajikistan

  09. October 2020
KGE Baltic Completes Casa1000 Project: Delivers Equipment From Turkey To Tajikistan

The Latvian member of the Project Logistics Alliance, KGE Baltic SIA had been busy all through September shipping industrial equipment from Turkey to Tajikistan. The entire consignment was divided into 2 batches. While the first batch consisted of 4 x platform trucks measuring 1.213m x 3.3m x 3,10m and totaled up to a weight of 22 tons, the second set consisted of 8 x tilt trailers with each truck weighing around 20 tons.

The scope of work undertaken by KGE Baltic included providing a multimodal solution to deliver this equipment to Tajikistan. Once the trucks were loaded in Turkey, they were sent for export clearance. After the completion of the customs procedure, they headed towards the Port of Baku in Azerbaijan. On their arrival in Baku, all the trucks jumped on a RORO vessel which sailed towards Kazakhstan. At the Port of Kuryk, the trucks rolled off and started moving further towards Tajikistan via Uzbekistan. Despite the dimensions of the cargoes, KGE Baltics managed to coordinate this direct transport with standard trucks and specialized OOG trucks.

Despite the continuous coronavirus strike and difficult border crossings, the KGE Baltic team completed the delivery with minimal issues and in a short time. Each issue that came up was tackled quickly keeping in mind the customer's requirement. The total transit time including border transfers and ferries was about 20-25 days. Furthermore, KGE Baltic is proud to report that the goods arrived safe and sound to the Sangtuda village in Tajikistan.

Thank you for sharing this news with us KGE Baltic!

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