COVID-19 Is Challenging The Aviation Industry – National Air Cargo Delivers Urgently Needed Medical Supplies

  29. September 2020
COVID-19 Is Challenging The Aviation Industry – National Air Cargo Delivers Urgently Needed Medical Supplies

The delivery of urgently needed medical and critical supplies in times of up to 80% reduced transport capacities poses one of the most difficult challenges for the air freight industry in recent history. Fortunately, unusual and time-critical cargo is the core business the National Air Cargo (NAC) team manages on a daily basis - whether it will be time-critical, hypersensitive, hard-to-load, or destined to crisis areas worldwide.

In perfect coordination, National Air Cargo and National Airlines support their commercial customers as well as the governments of various countries with the goal of timely delivery of much-needed goods.

More than 70 full B747F-400s charters have non-stop been flying to the Corona challenged regions around the globe. National - a Project Logistics Alliance partner specialized in Air Charter and Airfreight as well as multimodal logistics missions by air, ocean and land, has gained extensive experience over the last decades, in solving challenging transport requests. The National team always puts the customer needs first and gladly goes the extra mile. The fleet of National will be growing into a total of 5x B747-400F by the end of the year 2020. Additionally, to the cargo-only aircrafts, National operates B757 and A330 for passenger movements.

We invite you to watch Sam Chui´s video (a well-known aviation enthusiast), who is documenting this important moment in history when the aviation industry is assisting medical and health care entities in trying to stop the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Both aircrafts are loaded with medical equipment flying from Asia to the United States, serving those in great need of life-saving health supply.

Please reach out to the National team in case you want to learn more about their special transport solutions.

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We hope you enjoy watching this entertaining video!

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