Barrus Projects Battles Harsh Weather Conditions And Successfully Transports A Production Facility

  16. September 2020
Barrus Projects Battles Harsh Weather Conditions And Successfully Transports A Production Facility

Barrus Projects, representing Russia in the Project Logistics Alliance, is proud to report the completion of the first phase of the transportation of a synthesis unit, a key oversized cargo in Tobolsk for Sibur, a Russian petrochemical company. This is the first maleic anhydride (MAN) production facility with a capacity of 45 thousand tons per annum in the Tobolsk plant. The team at Barrus Projects oversaw the movement of this heavy and oversized equipment from Germany to Russia.

The main element of the MAN plant, the synthesis unit, was loaded onto a barge in Deggendorf, Germany. This unit weighed 591.7ton and measured 9.24 x 9.78 x 7.19 meters. It then made its way on the barge towards the port of Antwerp, Belgium, where it was unloaded onto the berth for temporary storage in anticipation of the opening of navigation in the northern sea route (NSR). Closer to the opening of navigation on the NSR, a sea crane vessel approached the port of Antwerp, where the entire volume of cargo was loaded on board. The transport continued from the port of Antwerp through the NSR to the seaport of Sabetta, where it was reloaded onto a barge for further transportation along inland waterways - the Ob and Irtysh rivers to the pier of the industrial port of Tobolsk.

Throughout the movement, the most time consuming and the dangerous operation took place on the roadstead of the port of Sabetta in the Gulf of Ob. Here the cargo had to be reloaded from a sea vessel to a barge in the open bay of the Kara Sea in bad weather conditions. The Barrus Projects team coped extremely well with this operation and in the shortest time possible.

The Barrus Projects team continues its active work for the needs of SIBUR Tobolsk, as a steam generation unit from Korea to Russia is still ahead and will be moved shortly. Congratulations guys! We at the Project Logistics Alliance wish you success for all the subsequent transfers.

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