Ceekay Shipping Line Manages Movement Of Two Massive OOG Boxes

  07. September 2020
Ceekay Shipping Line Manages Movement Of Two Massive OOG Boxes

Ceekay Shipping Line who is the exclusive NVOCC partner of the Project Logistics Alliance is sharing their latest OOG transport with us. No cargo is too big for the specialists at Ceekay. Today we feature some captions of an extremely over width and over height cargo, which was moved from Tanjung Pelapas, Malaysia to Laem Chabang, Thailand. The cargo was containerized in two boxes on a 40 Flat Rack and a 40 Flat Bed special equipment.

Ceekay's experienced ODC team successfully moved these massive parcels which reached a staggering length of 10,6 meter and a width of 5,4 meter with a height of 4,0 meter. The second box measured 12,1 meter in length, 5,4 meter in width, and a height of 4,0 meter. The weight totaled up to around 20 tons and 22 tons respectively. Despite the current movement restrictions our team managed to execute this shipment with all safety measures double-checked as these parcels had to be moved on special notice with escort due to its unusual dimensions to the port and executed the shipment without any hassle.

Congratulations on the successful loading, Ceekay Shipping-Team!

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