3 Easy Ways To Improve Your IT Security

  20. August 2020
3 Easy Ways To Improve Your IT Security

In contrast to data security, IT security is not just about protecting personal data, but about all kinds of information from a company and its employees and customers. This includes the protection of all systems with which information is processed, used, and stored. Project Logistics Alliance partner for process optimization Kutzner Prozess Optimierung is the right contact for you in all matters of IT security.

IT security is relevant for hard devices like laptops and smartphones, but also for operating systems and applications that run on the end devices. IT security should, therefore, be set up as comprehensively as possible.

Here are three simple everyday tips with which you can easily improve your IT security yourself.

1. Encrypt attachments
The collection of data via emails happens on a frighteningly large scale these days. This can be done through targeted attacks or simply through human error, e.g. by typing in a wrong email address. If you send confidential information via the attachments of your emails, there are simple methods of protecting them with a password. This can then only be opened by the person(s) to whom you have given the password.

2. Multi-factor authentication
Research shows that 61 percent of all attacks target companies with fewer than 1,000 employees. Once the passwords have been cracked, it is easy for hackers to access other systems, install ransomware, consume resources via botnets, or access other networks and personal data. Short and simple passwords are read by advanced tools within a few hours. Don't make it easy for the criminals! A secure password with at least eight digits, upper and lower case, special characters, and numbers spoil the desire of many perpetrators because it suddenly takes months instead of just a few hours to read it. When integrating mobile devices into the company network, you should be particularly careful. Multifactor authentication is suitable here. This means that two or more credentials are combined with one another to verify identity. This significantly increases the security of registration processes and makes identity theft more difficult.

3. Software updates
Regular software updates not only ensure that you are always supplied with the latest tools. Often, previously unnoticed bugs are fixed so that your software works smoothly. Last but not least, security gaps that were only noticed during use are closed. An update, therefore, helps to ensure that your data is completely safe again.

If you would like to talk to an expert about IT security or anything related to IT, please take the initiative and direct your questions to Christian at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. The team of Kutzner Prozess Optimierung is looking forward to providing you with their expertise and support.

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