J. MÜLLER Completes The Building Of New Hall At The Niedersachsenkai In Brake

  17. August 2020
J. MÜLLER Completes The Building Of New Hall At The Niedersachsenkai In Brake

The J. MÜLLER group of companies has now put two new warehouses into operation right on the deepwater quay at the Niedersachsenkai Terminal. A total of almost 30,000 square meters of covered storage space was created. The warehouses are part of the company's growth and efficiency strategy; growth in the pulp and wood product groups. Profitability and efficiency through improved work processes, as the covered storage space is located directly in the area near the quay, so the goods only have to bridge short distances between the ocean-going vessel and the warehouses. 13.8 million euros were invested.

“In economically difficult times, this investment is a clear commitment to our location in Brake”, says Jan Müller, CEO of J. MÜLLER AG. The turnover figures speak for themselves: Until the middle of the year, the transshipments of sea traffic decreased by over 17% to 2.8 million mt compared to the previous year. There is a particular lack of grain imports. “The port handling business lives from the trading business. This is restricted and hindered by many developments”, says CEO Thomas Bielefeld, responsible for the agricultural products/bulk goods and personnel division. The effects of the corona pandemic, the de-globalization tendencies but also special influences on the agricultural markets that are important for the Brake location re are considerable challenges to the company. "We are reacting to this development through targeted investments and fundamental organizational measures," continues Thomas Bielefeld.

Important reorganization projects have led to a significant streamlining of the management structure, which has not stopped at the board level. Nevertheless, in economically difficult times, personnel development continues to be a major focus. This also includes the fact that J. MÜLLER will be employing 20 apprentices in 9 training professions on August 1st. “The dual training is still the most important access to qualified personnel,” says Thomas Bielefeld.

Thanks to a foresighted personnel policy and the flexibility of the employees, J.MÜLLER has so far succeeded in doing without short-time work and other labor market instruments, despite low employment.

The company has high hopes for the warehouse, which has now been completed. In particular, the forest products area is to be expanded further. "Last year we were able to handle more than 1.0 million mt of pulp in the Brake Seaport", says Jens Ripken, board member responsible for the breakbulk products and coffee division. “The warehouses meet all the requirements for productivity, space layout, and efficiency that our customers demand. We want to continue growing here,” said Ripken. The new warehouses meet the highest security requirements in port handling and flood protection. So they are not only suitable for the storage of cellulose and paper, but with their pourable walls also for the demanding storage of bulk goods.

When awarding the individual building trades, care was taken to use companies from the region as far as possible. More than 20 different trades, including half from the region, were involved in the construction and successfully completed the warehouse construction for J. MÜLLER in a short construction period and under extreme weather conditions at the beginning of the year.

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