Flawless Balancing Act Executed By Ceekay Shipping Line

  07. August 2020
Flawless Balancing Act Executed By Ceekay Shipping Line

Ceekay Shipping Line who is the exclusive NVOCC partner of the Project Logistics Alliance is sharing their latest OOG transport with us. No cargo is too big for the specialists at Ceekay. Today we feature some captions of an over width and over height cargo, which was moved from Jebel Ali, UAE to Shuaiba in Kuwait containerized in their 40 FR special equipment.

The box was 8 meters long, 3,2 meters wide, and had a height of 2,5 meters weighing around 18.5 tons. Ceekay loaded the cargo with the help of their experienced inhouse lashing team Ceekay Multi Services to ensure equal distribution of the weight. The correct positioning was one of the main challenges of this loading; the Ceekay team needed to make sure to position the cargo centrally on the flat rack and keep it in the same place for loading and discharge. With their years of experience in containerizing such difficult parcels, Team Ceekay was able to execute this without any hassle.

Very well done, Ceekay. Congratulations from our team!

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