Bohnet Delivers 73 Heavy Components For New Paper Mill In Germany

  31. July 2020
Bohnet Delivers 73 Heavy Components For New Paper Mill In Germany

For the new paper mill in Sandersdorf-Brehna, Germany, Project Logistics Alliance partner Bohnet has successfully delivered 73 large and heavy components from various European countries such as Austria, Spain, Poland, Czech Republic, and Switzerland in just 7 months. The biggest challenge was the parts with an extraordinary height that could not be transported by road. Consequently, various large parts had to be brought from Heidenheim to Sandersdorf-Brehna in combined multimodal transport.

The partial transports went from Heidenheim, Germany to the inland port in Heilbronn, where the cargo was transloaded onto a barge by a mobile crane. With several inland navigation vessels, the journey took about 14 days to the inland port in Aken and later, due to low water, to the inland port in Haldensleben. After arrival, the components were transloaded with a stationary crane in Aken and a crawler crane from the barge to a lowbed truck.

Thanks to this extra handling, the on-carriage could be carried out again with Bohnet vehicles. Due to the height combined with the over-width, the transports were accompanied by energy suppliers, telecom, and or train employees. In addition, lifting trucks and workshop wagons, as well as police escorts and BF4 vehicles, had to be commissioned for the transport.

Please see below for the specifics of this transport:
Dimensions of cargo
73x large and heavy components
Max. unit dimension 20.00 x 6.50 x 4.90 m
Weight 80.00 mt

Overall dimensions transport
Max. unit dimension 34.50 x 6.50 x 5.80 m
Weight 151.80 mt

Road and multimodal transports from various European countries

Largest vehicle technology used
4-axle tractor + 16-axle saddle
4-axle tractor + 12-axle boiler bridge

Congratulations on the successful transport, Bohnet!

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