C.H. Robinson Is About To Complete Huge Wind Farm Project In Kansas

  16. July 2020
C.H. Robinson Is About To Complete Huge Wind Farm Project In Kansas

The project logistics team at C.H. Robinson, Project Logistics Alliance member representing Canada, Luxembourg, Paraguay, Singapore, and the USA, recently began work on one of their largest projects for 2020, a new wind farm in Kansas which will be completed in a series of phases. The first phase, which wrapped up in mid-February, included transporting 30 windmill turbine packages from North Dakota to a yard in Kansas ahead of the frost to avoid potential road bans.

The loading schedule in North Dakota had multiple variables so, precise coordination was vital. This included strong communication with carriers to track loading activity and transport progress, particularly given difficult weather and road conditions.

Overall, working conditions for the team at origin and destination were difficult. Loading in North Dakota was delayed due to extremely cold temperatures and snowy conditions. Additionally, a rapid snow melt in Kansas made offloading tough due to the muddy terrain. Some trucks even required supplementary power to reach their destination.

Despite roadblocks, the team worked to coordinate arrivals and offloading throughout Kansas. On some days, C.H. Robinson had to coordinate staging and offloading of over twenty truckloads in four different locations with four different crews.

A total of 240 truckloads were used for phase one of this project and the total weight was 8,775 metric tons with the largest piece weighing 65 metric tons. The C.H. Robinson team expects the entire project to be complete by mid-July this year.

Congratulations on the successful coordination and the fantastic handling, C.H. Robinson!

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