Bohnet Manages Multimodal Transport Of 160 Ton Body

  17. July 2020
Bohnet Manages Multimodal Transport Of 160 Ton Body

Another great transport was successfully concluded by Project Logistics Alliance partner Bohnet, specialists in heavy road transportation. The unit transported was 8.75 x 6.40 x 3.60 m in dimension and weighed 160 tonnes. Bohnet's task was to move it from Erfurt to Salzgitter in Germany, for which they chose a road-barge-road process via Haldensleben.

The pre-carriage road transport from Erfurt to Haldensleben was mastered in 3 over-night stages. In addition to the police escort, the transport was accompanied by a BF3 vehicle and various workshop wagons for the dismantling of traffic signs. Upon arrival in Haldenleben, the cargo was transshipped with Bohnet’s Liebherr LR 1750 crawler crane onto a barge. The cargo continued on inland waterways from Haldesleben to the port in Salzgitter. When the barge reached Salzgitter, the cargo was lifted back on Bohnet vehicles with the help of two mobile cranes. On the route to the final customer, there were two critical obstacles to overcome, which were the steep incline of the road at the port of Salzgitter and the narrow driveway towards the customer. Fortunately, with the help of Bohnet’s power booster and additional axles of the vehicle, they easily managed to leave the port of Salzgitter without any problems. The second challenge was solved by a joystick, that allowed circling the cargo around the narrow passages at the customer’s driveway so that the final assembly could begin on time.

Some additional specs can be found here:

Overall dimensions of the transport
45.50 x 6.50 x 4.65 m
294.00 t

Largest vehicle technology used
4-axle tractor + 16-axle saddle

Well done Bohnet team!

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