Bohnet Transports Heavy Boiler Modules Via Ro-Ro Pontoons To Great Britain

  06. July 2020
Bohnet Transports Heavy Boiler Modules Via Ro-Ro Pontoons To Great Britain

In the middle of May, Project Logistics Alliance's network partner for heavy road transportation Bohnet, delivered with a tight schedule 9 boiler modules with different dimensions and weights to a power plant in Kent, Great Britain. The places of departure of the modules were Austria, Poland, and Bulgaria. The priority of this project was to choose the right means of transport across the North Sea / English Channel. Due to the different dimensions of the loads, the experts at Bohnet decided to ship the heaviest parts via RO-RO pontoons, and the lighter parts via RO-RO ferries.

The pre-carriage of the heaviest parts, which were from Austria and Poland via Germany to Dordrecht, Netherlands, took place as usual on the street. Upon arrival in Dordrecht, the loaded vehicles were moved onto the Ro-Ro with special pontoons, which continued on calm waters across the North Sea to Sheerness, Great Britain. After the arrival of the pontoon, the final delivery continued on the “wrong side of the road” to the destination in Kent. The customer was very happy to receive all modules on time.

Please find below the detailed specs of the project:

Dimensions of cargo:
9x boiler modules
Max. dimensions: 16.98 x 5.49 x 3.50 m
Max weight: 112.00 t

Overall dimensions of the transport:
Max. 36.00 x 5.49 x 4.49 m
Weight 196.00 t

Largest vehicle technology used:
4-axle tractor + 14-axle saddle with spacer
4-axle tractor + 16-axle saddle

Congratulations on the successful transport, Bohnet!

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