Ceekay Conveys Offshore Baskets Cost-Effectively

  02. June 2020
Ceekay Conveys Offshore Baskets Cost-Effectively

Exclusive NVOCC partner of the Project Logistics Alliance, Ceekay Shipping, has assisted their client with shipping offshore baskets from Malaysia to Myanmar.

The baskets weighed 20 tons and were 18 x 1.2 x 0.8 meters in dimension. They were loaded in Malaysia at Port Klang and were transported to Yangoon in Myanmar. In order to complete this movement cost-effectively, Ceekay Shipping coordinated with the ports to arrange special loading and avoided the heavy burden of break-bulk loading costs. This measure helped ease the financials for the clients, who were very happy with the arrangement.

Well done Ceekay Shipping for the smooth coordination!

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