When The Team Is Just As Diverse As The Network

  18. May 2020
When The Team Is Just As Diverse As The Network

On the occasion of International Diversity Day, celebrated on the 21st of May, Project Logistics Alliance reflects on its diverse and united environment. The United Nations believes diversity to be “a driving force of development, not only with respect to economic growth but also as a means of leading a more fulfilling intellectual, emotional, moral and spiritual life”. We couldn’t agree more! Our multicultural surroundings positively impacts our daily life, our individual selves, and our colorful network.

A thriving global network indicates the diversity of its community and PLA believes in an inclusive strategy that respects and celebrates diversity. While growing our network and our workplace, these values act as our foundation. We are delighted to set up a diverse working space where people with different value systems come together. Diversity is a significant part of our network’s identity. Our employees consist of People of Colour (POC), women, and non-native citizens.

Alexander Hellmers (CEO) and Carsten Hellmers (Co-founder) started this network three and a half years ago. This dynamic duo’s abilities lie in their years of experience and the ‘go-getting’ vitality. With a growing number of members, valuable partners, and increasing complexity in service, support was required. Angelika Reiter (on maternity leave) and Maya Wagner (Network Coordinator) joined the network, balancing the genders and bringing a new perspective.

As of last year, with an aim to create a diverse environment, three new members joined. Jahanzeb Ahsan, from the vibrant city of Lahore, Pakistan was the first to join the network. Our office language, in due course, swiftly changed to English as we learned more about different cultures, adopting intercultural practices. He was followed by Nuriyya Nasibova from Azerbaijan’s capital Baku, a historical city of many wonders. Our latest team member is Aditi Ailavajhala, from bustling Bombay in India.

In short, the Project Logistics Alliance is currently composed of women and men of various ages, from four different nationalities and cultural backgrounds, and speaking a total of eight languages. Each of us brings a large pool of international and intercultural experiences, with an individual skill set that unites us as one competent team.

A salad bowl or a melting pot, we are proud of our multicultural environment and are happy to celebrate this today. We hope is that our members acknowledge this positive aspect of the service we provide to them.

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