Ceekay Shipping Takes on a Towering Transfer

  15. May 2020
Ceekay Shipping Takes on a Towering Transfer

Ceekay Shipping, partner of the Project Logistics Alliance for NVOCC services, has delivered a lofty cargo under ex-works to Kuwait from Singapore. This cargo was initially categorized as a breakbulk due to its height. However, the experienced operations team at Ceekay was able to move this cargo as an out-of-gauge unit instead.

This cargo, having the dimensions of 5.8 x 2.4 x 4.6 meters, weighed 28 tons. This meant that it was over-height by 2.3 meters. It was loaded in the port of Singapore and delivered to Shuwaikh Port via Jebel Ali in Dubai. Due to its height, carriers suggested it be categorized as breakbulk, but the operations team at Ceekay managed it as an out-of-gauge shipment by sticking to a thoroughly approved loading plan. They made sure to keep a close eye on it until it was fully discharged at the destination and a proof-of-delivery was signed.

Congratulations guys!

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