AGL presents the HEP Island Project

  27. January 2017
AGL presents the HEP Island Project

We are proud to report about our nomination by one of our customers for the logistical operations of the Burfell Extension HEP Island Project. The content of delivery mainly consists of the pressure pipeline for a new 100 MW water power plant.

The final destination of Burfell is located about 100 km east of the Icelandic capital Reykjavik.

AGL just executed the first lot of "Steel Liner" ex-factory Magdeburg (Germany) by truck to the inland port of Schönebeck and then onwards by barge to Hamburg. In Hamburg, the complete cargo is consolidated and shipped by coaster to Thorlakshöfn, Iceland in 1 Lot.

The first lot consisted of 10 big steel pipe constructions, each piece weighing up to 51 tons with a maximum diameter of the units is 6.5 m. Transport was executed by two trips from the factory to the inland port within one night. Each trip consisted of a convoy of 5 trucks. This ensured that cost removing obstacles were kept to a minimum. The trucking part was completed in 6.5 hours and the barge loading operations took 4 hours in Schönebeck. The whole movement went smoothly and without any disruptions.

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