Tschudi Logistics Transports 42 Bridge Elements Tn Gothenburg

  10. February 2020
Tschudi Logistics Transports 42 Bridge Elements Tn Gothenburg

The Denmark project team of Tschudi Logistics, a member of the Project Logistics Alliance representing Denmark, Finland, and Hong Kong has been heavily involved in the delivery of parts for the new Hisings Bridge in Gothenburg, Sweden. The bridge is a vertical-lift bridge and it will connect central Gothenburg with Hisingen city. Tschudi Logistics has been responsible for the full logistical set up in connection with the transport of the 42 massive bridge elements. The elements were transported by sea from Bilbao, Spain directly to the pier closest to where the bridge will be built.

The scope of work the Tschudi team was facing included finding and chartering the most suitable vessel for the job, designing the transport scope, loading, and discharge of the oversized elements, and lashing and securing of cargo for a safe journey on open waters.

Tschudi continues to be involved in the project, currently by delivering other parts for the bridge. Today the first shipment of balks, covers, etc., arrives in Gothenburg from Sevilla, Spain. It will be followed by several other shipments. The bridge is expected to be completed in 2021.

This video gives an impression of the complexity of the transport. We hope you keep in touch with us to learn about the progress. Way to go, Tschudi Logistics!

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