Global Projekt Logistics Recaps December Projects

  06. February 2020
Global Projekt Logistics Recaps December Projects

Global Projekt Logistics, member of the Project Logistics Alliance for Sri Lanka, has executed and delivered some interesting projects from India to various countries from December 2019 to early Jan 2020. They have made a lovely video to recap all 6 projects, which consist of the following in chronicle order:

Project 1:- Movement of Volvo busses from India to Dar es Salam, all dispatches and loading on 31st Dec 2019 only.
Project 2:- Super ODC Machinery on Flat Rack, ex Chennai (India to Liverpool UK) in the last week of December.
Project 3:- Continuous movement of min 24 x 40 Open Top (in gauge) + 10 x 40 FR (Super out of gauge) from Mundra India to Thailand Khon Khaen, delivery on DAP basis for the erection of Ethenol Plat on Time.
Project 4:- Movement of Earthmoving equipment from Uganda to Ethiopia (by road on trailers).
Project 5:- Movement of Super ODC structures: 12 x 40 Open Top (in gauge) + 25 x 40 FR(out of gauge) from Chennai (India to Nigeria) on highly time-bound delivery which was again on CIF terms. The scope involved picking the cargo from the factory till loading on the vessel.
Project 6:- Movement of boilers ex Mundra to USA Texas, for BASF plant on 40 FR Out of Gauge and 40 Open Top (In Gauge).

Many thanks to the Global Projekt team for the visual update!

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