The Beginning.

  01. January 2017
The Beginning.

The Project Logistics Alliance (PLA) was founded on the 20th of December 2016 by industry experts around the globe to address the special demands of project freight forwarding. Within 11 days we were able to sign 34 individual members who represent more than 50 countries.

We hereby would like to extend our sincerely thanks to those founding members who have supported the launch of the Project Logistics Alliance. Together with you we will creating a platform on which solely industry experts can communicate and collaborate.

All of you have your own experience with networks managed by people, who are NOT from our industry. Consequently, many networks are not really serving the demands of their members.

PLA is different: it is run by PROFESSIONALS for PROFESSIONALS! The initiators have been a long time in project logistics Industry and consider PLA as a real platform to generate more business for members.

We will not focus on Apps, On-Line-Quotations for Projects, excursions, and annual meetings. We consider these things marketing gimmicks which are developed at the expense of the members and only generate marginal benefits.

We will soon have a platform, where members can exchange on upcoming projects in order to possibly combine selling forces with other members having projects at the same time/for the same region. We will have workshops for emerging markets during our annual meetings with Local experts from those markets. We will have workshops on 'specialities' that we are all confronted with when it comes to certain regions, lead by local experts.

Last but not least, we will accept only members with a proven record of projects completed. Single heavy lift shipment on some container-flat are not considered Projects.

The capped policy of 2 members per country (with the exception of India, China and USA) guarantees, that it is an almost exclusive Alliance of professionals.

We look forward to create the first network, that really deserves the word 'Project' in its name. We are confident, that with your engagement, we will accomplish these goals very soon.

Thank you!

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