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Project Logistics Alliance Meeting -
Tallinn 11-14 October, 2020

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After a period of analyzation and balancing the conditions given we are proud to announce the time and location of the 4th Annual Global Meeting of the Project Logistics Alliance. Next year, we will be hosting the Annual Meeting from October 11 – 14, 2020, in one of the world’s most progressive cities, Tallinn, the capital of Estonia.

Tallinn is often referred to as the Silicon Valley of the Baltic Sea and ranked in the top 10 of digital cities in the world. It is Europe’s best place for entrepreneurs and the birthplace of many successful companies in the IT industry, such as Skype and Transferwise. In 2007, Tallinn’s residents were the world’s first to have elections on the internet. Today, Tallinn has become the main IT center of many European companies. Amongst others, it is home to the NATO’s Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence and the IT Agency of the European Union.

Participants Group Picture

We are not sticking to the pattern of a different continent each year. We are choosing our locations for meeting not considering them as tourist destinations a combination of aspects in a business content in favor of the network community like e.g. good international accessibility (Tallinn has direct flights from all major airports in Europe such as London, Paris, Munich, and Moscow just to name a few). Safety and low entry barriers are further aspects we are considering. Most importantly, we choose places of relevance to current topics in our industry and Tallinn Sea Port is the major port for cargo movements in and out of the former soviet union countries and central Asia.

The technological development in the logistics industry makes Tallinn the perfect place for the next Annual Meeting of the Project Logistics Alliance. We will be witnessing a lot of fascinating and inspiring technologies throughout the event, encouraging us to think forward and be one step ahead of the rest.

Stay tuned for more details on this event! We will shortly update you on the exact location, the preliminary agenda, and additional information.

SAVE THE DATE! We are looking forward to hosting an incredible Annual Meeting 2020 and are hoping to see you in Tallinn!