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Kaffeeklatsch - a Virtual Coffee Break #3


This is the 3rd edition of Kaffeeklatsch - a Virtual Coffee Break. As your project network, we are developing new opportunities for our members and partners to connect in times when traveling and personal interaction are restricted.

This event allows you to connect with old friends and new companies in one-to-one meetings, but instead of a physical conference room, we are meeting in our own, virtual meeting room.


Registration Phase (March 15 - April 9)

  1. Submit your registration via this Event Website during the Registration Phase
  2. We will create a profile for you in our own Meeting Manager

Match-Making Phase (April 5 - 12)

  1. This is the time to request, accept, and decline meeting requests from other participants of this event. Please frequently check your Meeting Manager to allow others and yourself as many meetings as possible.
  2. After closing the Meeting Manager, you can download your personal agenda with your appointments.
  3. We will send you a link to our virtual meeting room.

Event days (April 13 + 14)




The participation fee for this virtual event is 49,99€ (Euro).

Payment can only be made with a credit card (Visa, MasterCard, or American Express).

This fee shall prevent you from no-shows: if you attend all meetings that you have accepted in your Meeting Manager, we will deduct 49,99€ from your next invoice for the membership renewal.



You will receive a link to our virtual meeting room which looks similar to the one below:

  • Check your personal meeting schedule
  • Find the table where your meeting will take place at
  • Double click on a free chair on your table
  • You will hear and see a video ONLY the person sitting opposite at your table

[Please make sure your microphone and camera are switched on].


Meeting Room